some useful commands around pdf-files in linux

pdf split and merge
pdftk largepdffile.pdf burst split large pdf into many one-page files
pdftk *.pdf cat output onelargepdffile.pdf
pdftk A=100pagespdffile.pdf cat A22-36 output outfile_page22_36.pdf
r1 last page | r2 next to last page

convert image files to pdf with imagemagick
convert page*.png mydoc.pdf

convert multiple image files to pdf with imagemagick in a loop
for f in *.JPG; do convert $f ${f%.JPG}.pdf; done

pdfjumbler delete pages from pdf files. #AUR #GUI
pdftk simple tool for doing everyday things with PDF documents. #AUR #SHELL
xpdf pdf viewer #GUI
xournal notes in pdf-files #GUI

pdflabs: PDFtk Server Manual